About the company

Kid Smart Books is dedicated to providing a platform to promote, celebrate and generate experiences for kids and adults alike. By focusing on self-published, independent and small presses, we curate the different, the singular, the uncommon for the exceptional child and we offer no apologies.

And we ferociously advocate for the campaign of societal balance. Education, intellectual curiousity, collaboration, inclusion. We believe in a brighter tomorrow. We reject regressive slogans and endorse the progressive. MAKE AMERICA BETTER THAN EVER!

I am a father, writer, illustrator and lover of stories, art, movies, and things and people who are different. After all, who wants to be common?

I try to champion those who take charge of their destiny. Self-publishers, bloggers, vloggers, independent film makers, music makers, funny people, old people who are not mad or scared, young people who appreciate time, teachers, social workers and volunteers.

Kid Smart Books is really a hub of things that I think people who share some of these same things will like. If something is featured in these pages, it’s contents follow my beliefs. 

I do not like religion, although I am not certain about “god”. I don’t know and neither does anyone else.

I do not think unregulated capitalism is a good thing and I think it is our responsibility to elect leaders who will serve us.

I think it is unacceptable that anyone starves. Period.

I think it is unacceptable that Americans do not have access to universal healthcare. Healthcare cannot be part of the free market system because of the absence of choice. You cannot choose to purchase or decline healthcare. As such, you cannot assign a free market price point. 

Even if you think man is not contributing to global warming (he is), why would you not want technologies and science that would provide renewable energy, reduce pollution and decrease dependence on others for our sources. Who do you think wants to maintain the status quo? Unless you own an oil company or a coal mine, etc, you should be behind this because it just makes sense. Follow the motivation.

We need to elect more women. Regular women, not the Boebert idiot types but mothers. Mothers nurture children. That is a significant investment. When you invest in something at this level, you are less likely to send your investment off to be shot or blown to bits.