the cover of the graphic novel Maus

Burned Books

The ultimate display of ignorance.

Banned (or Challenged) Childrens Books

The best books are banned.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Books for those who are directly impacted and others who feel it necessary to learn about our shared problem

book cover for the childrens book circle in the sky featuring an illustration of a fox and birds


There is no category here for taxes because, well, kids, but no avoiding death at any age.


Awareness, cohabitation, acceptance.

a banned book because of LGBTQ themes and political views


Not your father's book club.

Race Relations

A very broad subject matter with examples of open hatred and subtle judgments

The Environment

Who needs a planet, anyway?


War is everywhere - the news, games, movies and conversations. A healthy and balanced selection to temper a human tendency long left unchecked

Mental Health

Everyone knows someone struggling and that includes kids

Income Inequality/Poverty

We are the frog in the pot slowly rolling to boil

Body Positivity

What are you lookin' at?