As I write this, Ukraine is defending itself from an invasion by the larger Russia. There is no point at all in this war and it is nauseatingly simple to connect it to the ego of one man. War is a complex and often difficult subject. These books provide a unique perspective on the experiences of soldiers, their families, and those affected by conflict, and aim to help children understand the impact of war and the importance of peace. Whether you’re looking for a historical fiction account of a specific conflict, a touching story about the bonds formed during wartime, or a thought-provoking reflection on the effects of war, you’re sure to find something of interest on this page. Browse our selection today and help your child gain a deeper understanding of this important topic.

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The Wall

Written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Ronald Himler

“The Wall” is a poignant and powerful story about a young boy who visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. with his grandfather. Through his encounter with the names on the wall, the boy comes to understand the sacrifices made by those who fought in the war and the lasting impact it has on their families. 

His father is especially moved and the boy considers that he himself was his father’s age when his grandfather died.

We will forever be coming to terms with this war. The reasons we were there and the pretext used by political and business leaders far removed from the actual conflict.

Watercolor with moving muted tones. 

A Different Pond

Written by Bao Phi,  Illustrated by Thi Bui

Vietnamese families who fled their country seeking asylum in the United States after the fall of Saigon received assistance with relocation, education, and health care services. Yet they struggled as many refugees do.

Most had few skills that provided employment opportunities paying well, so the menial jobs and poor wages kept many in a constant state of poverty.

Displaced from their homeland, they longed for cultural rituals and activities they enjoyed back home. In this story, a father takes his son fishing early one morning before he starts a second job. Not only is this a chance for the father to spend time with his son, he is counting on the fish for sustenance. While fishing, the father reflects on the war that displaced him and the brother he lost.

The illustrations are beautiful and some of the blue and black silhouette pond side scenes are excellent.