A man’s reach should NOT exceed his grasp

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Dear Ferd,

While pondering the moral state of America, I struggle to resist despair. Christianity is in decline, marriage equality is a “thing”, and the Critical Race Theory is in every classroom. There is a lot of grooming going on. Also, furries.

I can hold my contempt in a red cap.

Despite alternative facts, the amount of money spent and the branding of freedom and patriotism, there seems to be an element that resists our indefatigable pursuit of establishing what is “Real America”.

it occurs to me that books are the root cause.

Why? A book is like a plague carrying rat. Extreme? Follow me here.

Vermin, coming alive at night, under the cover of the absent light, creeping into cracks and crevices, entering our hearth and home and with them, the filthy fleas, the very ideas that begin a festering boil where bit. And before long, the disease has gotten hold.

And, we, still ignorant of what is happening, blame the usual suspects. But this time it’s not the Jew, oh no. it’s the books. What a metaphor and you are welcome.

Books are more dangerous because they infect the minds of the capable.

While the common means of communication, television, radio, the internet, social media and religion are very effective in shaping a prototype of the good American, the target audience is ultimately a poor vessel for the implementation of change.

People swayed by a post on social media, or a talking head are easily programmable, mindless robots that readily forfeit their reasoning for the rhetoric and recipe thinking of herd mentality.

However, when ideas originating from book takes hold, the actor changes and with him or her, sees the world differently. Often, as literacy is a sign of intelligence, they have the means to shake the very foundation on which we depend to maintain the status quo.

And those who read books are often receptive to messaging from keen intellects. Soon, there will be an army of the educated. All this despite best efforts to control the school system.

What must we do?

There is only one solution.

Destroy them all. Burn every book not in lock step with our worldview.

But let’s first consider the proposition on the whole. Burning, such a nasty campaign, and dangerous as well.

Pros: Draws attention to our cause. The very act of tossing a book into a fire is a testimony to the lengths we will go to ensure our message is understood.

Cons: it tends to have the opposite effect. After one book was rightfully removed from the school system, its sales skyrocketed. It became a best seller on Amazon giving birth to slogans such as “the best books are banned”, which is now a popular t-shirt as well.

Pros: Burning books shows that parents are controlling the education process. Parents know what’s best despite the degreed professionals who have dedicated their life to education.

Cons: Despite being with them in spirit and sharing a common bond, some of these parents dictating what is taught in our school system are just not that smart. Are they even literate?

Pros: What is the point of reading common books when the greatest book of all time is available? The bible tells us what we should know, how to live our lives.

Cons: Despite being the indisputable word of God, we really don’t know as attribution is sparse.  Also, there is ample contradiction. If people actually read the bible…

Pros: You meet such nice people at book burnings. It’s amazing how common interests, viewpoints and passion are found in such a small place. All patriots

Cons: They never have any books of their own. Always asking to throw yours. Honestly, it’s as if they never owned a book.

I am at a loss as to what to do to turn this country back to a more moral time. One where there was no confusion. Why don’t they just listen to us?

Your friend,


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